7 Facts: How Penis Pumps Increase Blood Flow & Penis Size

7 Facts: How Penis Pumps Increase Blood Flow & Penis Size

Jun 11th 2015

In our local Seattle area stores people ask us all the time, "Do men's penis pumps actually work?"

Here is the thing -- yes, but like real life, it depends on what you mean by "work".

1. Penis pumps create suction using an air vacuum. The vacuum draws blood into your penis causing it to swell and become fully erect. The pump enables your penis to become as full and hard as possible. Many people with circulation problems will use pumps to become fully erect.

2. Pumps can't grow your penis infinitely. Results are temporary, though some men report growth after routine "exercise sessions" with their pump.

3. Studies show that 50%-80% of men that use pumps are satisfied with their results. If these men were satisfied, we bet their partners were also satisfied.

4. Pumps are safe. Before Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, doctors often prescribed pumps to cure erectile dysfunction. It's common for people with diabetes to integrate penis pumps into their sex lives. Penis pumps also benefit guys who have recently undergone surgery for prostate or colon cancer, and for individuals who take medication for anxiety or depression.

Better Sex, More Often Sex Tip: To keep you super full, hard erection, slip on a ring immediately following using your pump. The combo really works!

5. Even today with Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra on the market, penis pumps are still prescribed by doctors to men that don't respond to drugs, or to men who are taking prescription drugs that react poorly with Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

6. Penis pumps are best used with a bit of lube. If you have a penis pump, use lots of thick, high quality, water based lubes such as Slippery Stuff gel to get a good seal.

7.You can use your penis pump to masturbate! Let's be honest, the suction / vacuum of the penis pump feels amazing. 87% of men masturbate. If you don't have a pump but are part of the 87% majority, you are probably missing out.

Better Sex, More Often Sex Tip: You don't need a $130 model, but giving a decent quality pump a spin could add a whole new experience into your "me time".

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