Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds

Aug 2nd 2016

Some basic Information on Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds

Penis plugs and urethral sounds are used for masturbation, sex, role-playing, and medical games. Typically Referred to as urethral play, they are both inserted into the penis. The difference between them is in their function and how they are used.

A penis plug is inserted into the urethra to achieve sexual arousal.

A penis plug can

  • make the penis more sensitive and responsive,
  • make erections stronger
  • intensify orgasm.
  • Add a bit of “Bling” either with a “gemstone” tip or by giving the appearance of a pierced penis

There are many different designs of penis plugs. A basic penis plug has a smooth tapered shaft and a flared tip to prevent over insertion.

More advanced shapes are designed to heighten arousal, with various shapes and sizes of beads for added sensation and stimulation during insertion and removal.

Still others include a gland ring that is used to help keep the plug in place while inserted in the urethra. Gland rings typically will also increase pleasure by making the penis more erect and more sensitive to touch. Some penis plugs are solid, others have a hole so urine and ejaculate can be passed freely.

Urethral Sounds

Urethral Sounds are used in medicine for dilating the urethra during medical examinations and tests. They can also be used to achieve sexual pleasure. Many people enjoy the feeling of their urethra being stretched and probed, because of the rich body of nerve endings in the urethra.

Urethral sounds are often sold in sets, so that the user can progress in size as they feel more comfortable.

Sounds come in a couple of shapes

Rosebud – is long with a handle on one end and a bulb shape that is inserted on the other end

Pratt – are long slightly s shaped sounds

Heger sounds - are shorter slightly s shaped and typically each end is a different size so each one basically is two sizes

There are also vibrating sounds that come in a number of sizes.

Urethral sounds are typically longer and sometimes slimmer than plugs. They make great tools for medical role play. It is important that there is a wider end to keep the toy from receding into the urethra, Typical achieved thru the use of a ring, bead or gem.

We carry a number of different plugs and sounds including sounding kits

A plug with a narrow shoulder is better for a beginning to use because it will help to keep the plug in place. Types with glans rings will also keep the plug in place but are often more complex in design so they are better suited for a more advanced user.

Beginners should use penis plugs and sounds with a tapered tip. This makes for the most comfortable insertion and it carefully stretches the urethra as the plug or sound slides in. The more bulbous and textured options are great for more advance users looking for more intense sensation.

It’s important to go slowly when using penis plugs or sounds, allowing the urethra to stretch naturally while the toy slides in.

It’s important to ensure safety by first sanitizing the toy by boiling and or using alcohol to sterilize the toy. You should also clean your hands and penis, before insertion. Use a water based lube on a flaccid penis and use gravity to assist insertion into the urethra by holding the penis vertically.

Urethral sounds with a curve should be removed when the penis is flaccid. Solid penis plugs should be removed before ejaculation

All of the sounds and plugs we sell are made from stainless steel.