Secrets of the Penis Ring: Ensure Rock Hard Performance Today

Secrets of the Penis Ring: Ensure Rock Hard Performance Today

Jun 22nd 2015

Guys come into our local adult stores all the time looking to know more about penis rings. You may have heard about penis rings, which have become much more common in the bedroom, but do you know how they work? Are you curious as to what they really do? We at Love Zone Man are here to explain.

Penis Rings: What You Should Know

Penis rings, also known as cock rings or C-rings, work when the smooth involuntary muscles of the penis snugly contract and grip the blood vessels needed to cause an erection. Blood flows into the penis through veins in the middle of the shaft then exits through smaller veins near the skin, which is where the restriction of the penis ring comes into play. When a slightly tightened ring is worn at the base of the penis the blood is able to flow in but is restricted in flowing out thus achieving a fuller erection. This effectively makes the penis harder, larger and makes orgasms more intense due the increased amount of blood trapped in the shaft of the penis.

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Penis rings are made from a variety of materials such as leather, rubber or silicone. Some in the fetish variety are also made of metal. There are several type of penis rings available, each with a specific purpose. Two of the specific types of rings include those that restrict blood flow and those which are primarily for stimulation. Those which are primarily for stimulation include types with build in vibrators, textured outer edges or protruding clitoral stimulators.

Types of Penis Rings

There are several different types of blood-restricting penis rings. There are single-strap adjustable penis rings that fit behind the scrotum and fasten over the top of the penis. Solid penis rings, usually made from silicone, may fit around both the testicles and shaft or just the shaft depending on the style. Solid penis rings should be tested for fit beforehand. Keeping lube at hand may be a good idea while using solid rings.

Other types of rings include "testicle-spreaders" or "Double Crown", which have a ring for each testicle below the main shaft ring, "ball-stretchers" or "Triple Crown" which work in a similar fashion but pull the testicles to the base of the scrotum, and "double-strap" or "Duet Crown" which are basically twin rings, one for the shaft and a separate one for the testicles.

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To use a penis ring, you must first fit the ring over the shaft while not fully erect. The ring should be easy to slip on while not erect yet still be able to easily remove while erect. Lube can be used to make the process even easier, but the ring should never be too tight to remove.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure the penis ring increases the size of the penis only slightly. Too much swelling means the ring is too tight and should be removed immediately. If your genitals hurt or feel cold then the ring is too tight. Make sure you do not leave the ring on for too long (20 to 30 minutes) as this can cause serious side effects related to the restriction of new blood entering the penis. If ejaculation does not occur cold water can be used to help reduce swelling and safely remove the ring.